Food is never just Food

… so rightly said. I believe food brings people together. I believe food is best enjoyed with a full table and an empty stomach. Which is why I am not a big fan of ‘Cooking for One’. I love to gift homemade cakes and fudges and ice-creams instead of flowers and wine or a book when I visit someone. I believe food speaks a universal language and we can never go wrong if we cook with love!

Our family loves to travel and to top it up we move countries almost every 2 years. Every time we pack our bags I am filled with new excitement of experiencing different cuisines, local produce and the stories behind the food. Coming from India, my cooking largely is Indian but it very influenced by what is available locally, the local cuisine and the bits I gather during my travels (I always keep a diary during my travels to note recipes, stories and other tips!).

I am also a very regular volunteer with a number of local NGOs and nothing gives me more pleasure when i can combine volunteering and food! When relocating to a new country, volunteering has always helped me fit in and be at home quickly. I run Volunteer Weekly as a platform to share resources on volunteering for both non-profit organisations and volunteers. When not writing on these two, you can find me at Lime ‘n’ Lemony!

The recipes here are an expression to my cooking adventures in the wonderland (a.k.a. The Kitchen). Everyone’s welcome to my weekend kitchen. I would love to hear from you, a simple greeting, something new you tried, something you liked here or maybe a twist to one of the recipes here! Anything. Everything.

Let’s get started!


Recent Update

I support a beautiful residential education centre in the middle of a mountain in the himalayan range. Apart from volunteering my time and skills, recently I have been exploring ways to generate a sustainable income to support them financially as well. Towards that goal, My Weekend Kitchen participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn commissions by linking to Amazon.

When you shop at Amazon from a link on this blog, your cost will be the same and I will get a small share in the revenue. I’m deeply grateful for it as it helps to support my volunteer work.

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