eggless tiramisu recipe, easy tiramisu recipe


This eggless Tiramisu recipe is super easy. It makes an incredibly light and creamy Tiramisu with a beautiful aroma of espresso and just a hint of rum.

mexican scrambled eggs recipe

Mexican Scrambled eggs

there are few things as magnificent as scrambled eggs, pure and simple, perfectly cooked and perfectly seasoned.– James Beard … and when …

keema filled abide roti

Baida Roti

Layered parantha with a coating of eggs and a spicy mince filling; this baida roti recipe is going straight into my Eid dinner menu.

soya mince vegetable fry, soya granules filling

Soya mince vegetable fry

This soya mince vegetable fry recipe is very versatile. I use it as a main dish, a stuffing in sandwich or paratha and also as a filling in samosas & rolls.

chana masala recipe, panjabi chana masala, Indian chickpea recipe

Chana Masala

This chana masala recipe is a dry preparation, different from the regular chickpea curry recipe that we make with chola- bhaturas or …

ptitim salad recipe, israeli couscous salad recipe

Ptitim Salad

Cold, lemony and fragrant, this ptitim salad is a treat. Ready in 15 mins, its a perfectly balanced meal and also a great addition to any spread!

homemade whole wheat pizza, easy whole wheat pizza dough recipe

Homemade Whole wheat Pizza

Homemade pizza from scratch have been a dream of me since I don’t remember when. This basic pizza dough recipe combined with my delectable pizza sauce recipe made for a perfect dinner!

Couscous and chickpeas salad 1 - Israeli recipe

Couscous Salad with chickpeas and Raisins

This couscous and chickpeas salad beautifully combines health and taste. Raisins and feta cheese add an amazing texture and the fresh coriander leaves are right from my balcony garden!

tangy tomato and yoghurt based gravy sauce, soya and matar gravy, soya nuggets recipe, soya nuggets and peas in a tangy sauce

Soya Nuggets and Peas gravy

Chunky soya nuggets and peas in a tangy tomato and yoghurt based gravy sauce. Very nutritious, tasty and easy to make. This dish is a great source of protein especially for vegetarians.

health in a bowl, salad bowl, apartment gardening, fresh homemade salad

The freshest Green Salad!

This freshest green salad is with ingredients right from my home garden and a few from local street vendors! With a goodness …

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