Home-made Paneer

There is nothing better than fresh home-made paneer to take any paneer dish from good to fantastic! And it’s easy to make. It needs no special equipment; no complicated technique. Maybe that’s why it’s called ‘cottage cheese’. Home-made paneer is also a way to reuse left over milk that has split.

  • Bring 1 litre milk to boil
  • Immediately add 2 tbsps of lemon juice or vinegar and continue to boil on low flame. Stir continuously till the milk curdles and separates from the whey (the water left from the milk).

(Even if the milk has split on its own on boiling, add lemon juice to ensure that all the protein is extracted.)

  • The whey would become yellowish green, which means there is no more protein left
  • Drain and tie the curds up in muslin cloth
  • Place it under a heavy weight like a marble chakla or a pot of water. This would allow all the water to drain away set the paneer in a block
  • Use the whey in gravy or to knead dough for rotis.
  • Milk which is split using lemon juice or vinegar will produce a firmer paneer while that split naturally because of being kept for long will produce a softer crumbly paneer.
  • Immerse the paneer in water and refrigerate to keep fresh for 1-2 days or freeze it.

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