Eid Mubarak: Sheer Khurma

It’s Eid! Time for love and blessings. And after 30 days of fast, a time for delicious sweets and savouries. No Eid is complete without Sheer Khurma – a delicious milk, dates and vermicelli pudding. This Sheer Khurma recipe came from a Pakistani Chef. It’s a little different from the way Sheer Khurma is made in India and after having it since his childhood, Sikander passed this one as the best.

On our first Eid after marriage, we were in Scotland, and I had no clue of how to make the traditional Sheer Khurma (and not Sevaiyon ki kheer as Sikander keeps insisting!) and that is when a friend gave me this recipe. For everyone in my family, making Sheer Khurma is very easy and natural but I still need to refer to this recipe every year. On the day, Sheer Khurma is prepared in large quantity and then served throughout the day to all the guests who come to greet and celebrate Eid with the family.

Eid Special: Sheer Khurma

Prep time: | Cook time: | Serves: 4-6

1 ltr whole milk
6-7 dry dates
3-4  green cardamom (lightly beaten)
200 gms (half tin) Sweetened condensed milk
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup vermicelli (sevaiyan)
2 tbsp ghee or clarified butter
A pinch of saffron
1 cup crushed dry fruits (almonds, pistachio and cashew)

  • Soak dates in warm water overnight (or atlas for 3-4 hours until they become soft to cut). Remove seeds and cut the dates into small pieces.
  • Boil the dates in 1 cup of milk, till the milk is reduced completely. The dates will absorb all the milk.
  • Boil milk in a thick bottomed pan and keep on low flame for about 40 mins until it is thick enough. Keep stirring the milk in between to prevent it from sticking to the bottom of the pan.
  • Add condensed milk. This is my addition to the recipe. I like Sheer Khurma to be thick while the traditionally it’s not very thick.
  • In a separate pan, add 2 tbsps of ghee, cardamoms and vermicelli. Fry for some time until the vermicelli is light brown (it would take just about a minute). Note:  if using roasted vermicelli, you might skip this step, but I still fry for about half a minute because the ghee and cardamom give a warm flavour to the vermicelli
  • Add the vermicelli to the boiling milk and cook for 10 minutes
  • Add sugar and cook for 2-3 minutes until the sugar dissolves. (Adjust sugar according to taste. The condensed milk is also sweet so you might want to taste the milk before adding sugar)
  • Add saffron mixed in a tbsp of hot milk to the milk
  • Add about ¼ cup of dry fruits and half the dates. Cook for 2-3 minutes
  • Remove from fire
  • Garnish with remaining dry fruits and dates.
  • Serve warm (some like it cold as well, so you might want to keep some in fridge also!)

Eid Mubarak!

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